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Protection Racket?

A reader has written to complain that the Ayrshire Post letters editor seems to be a bit close to regular SNP critic and Rotarian, John Dunlop, and may be protecting him from criticism. Last week, he attacked SNP councillor Siobhian Brown, with an offensive, under-educated and wholly inaccurate piece about her words and action regardingContinue reading “Protection Racket?”

Why are only Ayrshire Covid wards nearly full? Why is MSP confused?

In the Ayrshire Post this week, we read from the local Conservative MSP that Health Services in Ayrshire are under very significant pressure with Covid wards at 96% of capacity. As always in the Post, Scott is ‘concerned‘ but he also seems confused as he describes the measures aimed at reducing the pressure on theContinue reading “Why are only Ayrshire Covid wards nearly full? Why is MSP confused?”

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