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Coronavirus cases climb slowly across county

Infections have been rising over the last week but the trend cannot be described as ‘soaring’. To do so, goes beyond informing the public to demoralising and scaring them. We need folk to be vigilant and disciplined. Panic is not helpful. The Ayrshire Post today:

Bob shields the UK Government and undermines the strategy saving lives

In this time of pandemic, on a day when 28 died, you’d expect a popular local newspaper columnist to be clear, accurate and informative, working to help maximise compliance with a government strategy, designed to save lives. None of it. In a rambling piece, unhelpfully titled ‘Nightmare curfew set to last longer‘, the ironically namedContinue reading “Bob shields the UK Government and undermines the strategy saving lives”

SNP fights to save 300 Prestwick jobs from Conservative cuts!

Fury as 300 Prestwick job losses only makes bottom of page 8! Why on earth is this not front page? A Conservative MP has suggested, jaw-droppingly, that the 300 jobs at Prestwick Airport, should be tossed aside. These are the jobs that have been protected by the SNP Government since October 2013. Local Conservative MSPContinue reading “SNP fights to save 300 Prestwick jobs from Conservative cuts!”

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