Why are only Ayrshire Covid wards nearly full? Why is MSP confused?

NHS Ayrshire and Arran pay out millions in overtime - Daily Record
Concern John Scott

In the Ayrshire Post this week, we read from the local Conservative MSP that Health Services in Ayrshire are under very significant pressure with Covid wards at 96% of capacity.

As always in the Post, Scott is ‘concerned‘ but he also seems confused as he describes the measures aimed at reducing the pressure on the wards and, presumably his level of concern, as:

‘Very unwelcome news and the most disappointing way to start the new year.’

Surely the measures introduced to reduce pressure and subsequent deaths are welcome or has his mask come off to reveal his priority concern – business profits?

Also, why are Ayrshire hospital wards at 96% unlike the wider NHS in Scotland which is nowhere near that level?

On January 8th there were 1 580 Covid patients including those in ICU in Scottish hospitals. Across the system there are 3 000 inpatient beds for Covid patients, 700+ ICU beds and the potential for an additional 1 000 at the Louisa Jordan.


And, it’s not the infection levels. North and East Ayrshire have only been a bit above the Scottish average in the last 7 days while South Ayrshire has been a bit below average:

All of Ayrshire & Arran lower than Borders, Inverclyde, Renfrew and North Lanarkshire (deep purple) and roughly the same level as most of Scotland (pale purple).

So, across NHS Scotland, we’re at less than 50% of capacity but in Ayrshire, we’re at 96%?

This makes little sense and if true means…..incompetent management?

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2 thoughts on “Why are only Ayrshire Covid wards nearly full? Why is MSP confused?

  1. Only explanation for the 96% figure is that attention was drawn to it by Nicola Sturgeon in her Covid briefings. Like you, I wonder if there is some other factor at work, maybe the higher rates of infection you drew attention to in Doon Valley sector of East Ayrshire?


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