The ‘Girvan Surge’ in Perspective

The Ayrshire Post 13.1.21

This is not, in any way, a suggestion that people should relax their discipline, but reporting like this treats readers like children.

The ratio of Covid-19 cases to the overall population, in Girvan, is one of the highest in Scotland at 400+per 100 000 and people should stick strictly to the advice but headlines like the one above and calling the area the ‘Coronavirus Capital of South Ayrshire‘ will lead to unhelpful panic among many in the community and may deter them from properly looking after themselves, in terms of food shopping, exercise or contacting health services for other essential treatment.

Many parts of Scotland have a fairly high level of infection. See this:

Other parts of South Ayrshire do too. See this:!/vizhome/COVID-19DailyDashboard_15960160643010/Overview

The ratio per 100 000 is just a way of making comparisons. Remember that, in Girvan Ailsa’s population of 3 191, 400+ per 100 000 means only 13 cases in the last 7 days. They might well be the members of only 2 or 3 households. Clearly you should be careful and take precautions but you are really not likely to meet them. They know who they are. They will be self-isolating. You should not fear taking a walk, or going to buy food or collect medicine. It’s not Zombie Apocalypse.

The same applies in the Glendoune area.

Stay alert but stay strong.

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