Protection Racket?

(c) Rotary Club of Ayr: Dunlop is in the middle.

A reader has written to complain that the Ayrshire Post letters editor seems to be a bit close to regular SNP critic and Rotarian, John Dunlop, and may be protecting him from criticism.

Last week, he attacked SNP councillor Siobhian Brown, with an offensive, under-educated and wholly inaccurate piece about her words and action regarding litter in the town.

Our anon friend wrote to correct him but their letter was not published. It is a bit patronising but hey, so was he.

Instead, Mr Dunlop appeared again with a short and typically, evidence-free attack on the SNP.

Anyhow, here’s the letter:

Verbal littering on Blackfriars

Monsieur John Dunlop’s attack on Councillor Siobhian Brown, calling her an ‘urban flaneur’ last week, was both offensive and ‘sans éducation’ to stick with his French theme. Anyone with so much as an O-Grade French (1967) knows that flâneurs were all men who wandered around cities aimlessly, so no need to say ‘urban’ as they were all urban and, as anyone who knows anything about local politics in this area will know, SNP Councillor Brown has a track-record of ‘walking the walk’ on environmental matters such as actually organising action against littering. Dunlop opened his letter to the Post by accusing Brown or ‘she’, of ‘talking rubbish’ but he seems to be quite a ‘verbal litterer’ or as the Urban Dictionary has it ‘people who talk too much but say nothing’, himself. My evidence? His suggestion that Brown repeatedly spoke out against the performance of her own council staff. I’ve checked. She didn’t. She spoke forcefully against those who dump rubbish after having quickly got something done about it. Meanwhile Dunlop was doing just what? Il rêvait?

Quite witty? Too witty?

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